What’s in a Name?

Honestly, if I had thought my painting hobby would turn in to an actual business, I would have named it something more elegant like, Blackhurst Fine Arts.  But, I didn’t.  I just stared calling it Painted by Carol.  And it stuck.  I started with a Zenfolio account.  Then bought the dot.com address.  Set up the email.  Bought a logo with my CB signature and a paint brush. Bought business cards.  And, so on.

It wasn’t until I opened my Etsy shop that things began to take off.  Following advice from other Etsy merchants, I set up a Facebook Fanpage, opened a Twitter account, opened a Pinterest account, opened a Tumblr account…etc.  Across every platform and on every piece of promotional material, I have maintained the name PaintedbyCarol.  It has become my brand and I use it everywhere.  My dot.com address now points directly to my Etsy shop.

If you are going to start a business – whether you are an artist, a metal smith, a writer, a knitter, whatever – establish your brand and keep it across all social media.  Make sure your customers and your followers can find you – always.  It gives your customers a sense of security to see your commitment to your brand.

PaintedbyCarol may not be as elegant as BlackhurstFineArts, but it’s me and always will be.

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