Give the People What They Want

On most days, the number one search term used to access my Etsy shop is “thistle”.   I’ve had a little thistle design for quite a while.  It made a really cute little painting, but didn’t really translate all that well into jewelry where the image is so small.  Dragonfly tends to be a big search term for me, too.

I realize these shoppers are Outlander fans – and so am I.  I painted the dragonfly years ago for a friend and the thistle recently for another friend.  This week, I thought I’d try to create a thistle design shoppers might actually buy.  I combined a few design ideas I saw online and created classic thistle over a Celtic heart-shaped knot.  As with all my paintings, it took several coats of paint to get the colors deep enough to show in a 1 inch to 1/2 inch cabochon, but I quite like the results.

I finished the painting on Thursday morning, photographed it and uploaded the pic into my software to resize the image as needed for a pendant, earrings, cuff bracelet, bangle bracelet, cufflinks, tie bar and my new pin/brooch setting.  I posted the listings to Etsy that afternoon – and had the first sale in less than an hour.  I’m hoping this is a sign of good things to come!

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