Customers can have the BEST ideas

Some time ago, a customer asked if I could make small charms and put them into my Etsy shop.  I had settings I was using to make French wire earrings.  She told me she wanted them to make wine charms.  It was one of those “Ah ha!” moments.  I had never thought of wine charms before.  It took some experimentation with wires, beads and spacer beads.  I learned I had to pay attention to which way the bail was oriented on the tops of 12 mm charm settings.  To slide onto a wine charm ring, they need to be in the same orientation as a pendant would be.  Otherwise, you need to add a jump ring.

For most of them, I’ve used the same painting with a different colored beads to use as wine glass id, but  I’ve painted so many portraits of our dogs over the years that it was easy to create a set of charms for basset hounds, dachshunds and old English sheepdogs using six different paintings.  I could also do sets of  butterflies, cats, sea life, a rainbow of flowers, Christmas and Easter Eggs.

If you ever wonder if an Etsy merchant can make something they don’t have in their shop – ask them.  You never know, you might open an entire new world for them.

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