Just Painting is No Longer Enough

I fondly remember when simply finishing a painting meant I was ‘done’.  In these days of e-commerce, that is no longer the case.

Take this rose painting I finished recently.  I can turn that painting into many things.  But to do that I have to take a high res photo of the painting, upload it into my computer and then edit it for color correction.  Then, I create a document in my Printshop software resizing the image to 1-inch square, 1/2 inch square and 5/8 inch square.  I print those images onto high quality photo paper.  Then, I punch out the images into the sizes I need, turning them into cabochons.  I place the cabs into the jewelry settings and photograph each one.  I upload all those photos and edit them for size and corrections of color and lighting.  I upload the high res photo into my page on Fine Art America/Pixels.  I upload it to my Facebook Fanpage.  Then, I create the Etsy listings for a pendant, earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, tie bars, etc.  I tweet each listing and create a saved tweet into my automatic tweeting service.  I create a post for my Instagram account… I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few steps.

Somewhere I hope to find the time to actually do another painting…


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