If you can’t grow them – paint them!

One of my favorite flowers in the world is bearded iris.  Both my grandmother’s had beds of them every spring.  Most of them were purple.  They grew along the fence rows or edged the yard.  After I moved to Virginia, I started growing my own.  I ordered rhizomes in all sorts of colors.  One of my favorite was a beautiful frilly pink.  There were just so many to choose from.

Unfortunately, irises are very hard to grow here in Florida.  I get lots of lovely leaves, but rarely see a flower.  Iris’s usually like to have sun on their ‘shoulders’, so you plant them very close to the surface.  The hot sands of Florida don’t work well for that though.  My wonderful husband purchases a porcelain iris for me shortly after we moved here.

I can still paint them however.  I have a pair – a yellow with orange and a blue – hanging in our dining room.  I’ve just recently completed a spray of purple ones.  They all make lovely jewelry.

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